Project Shoot.

Image contact sheets for 2nd project shoot.  Frames shown are as shot, client to please select 20 files for photographers edit and processing.

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  • ContactSheet-001 copy
  • ContactSheet-002 copy
  • ContactSheet-003 copy
  • ContactSheet-004 copy
  • ContactSheet-005 copy
  • ContactSheet-006 copy
  • ContactSheet-007 copy
  • ContactSheet-008 copy
  • ContactSheet-009 copy
  • ContactSheet-010 copy
  • ContactSheet-011 copy
  • ContactSheet-012 copy
  • ContactSheet-013 copy
  • ContactSheet-014 copy
  • ContactSheet-015 copy
  • ContactSheet-016 copy
  • ContactSheet-017 copy
  • ContactSheet-018 copy