New York and Washington DC – July 2014

Here are just a few of my favourite shots, in black and white, taken from our NYC and DC tour this month.

Whilst in Manhattan, I read an article saying that NY was the unhappiest city in the USA, and guess what, trying to find a happy face to shoot was almost impossible, it sure seemed to be a city filled to the brim with tired, and miserable people.

DC was amazing for history and culture, and the White House far smaller than you’d imagine.  Start with a taxi Journey to Arlington Cemetery, experience true peace and tranquility at the grave side of John F Kennedy, then walk through the immense grounds, to cross back over the memorial bridge, and stroll up the full length of the mall, taking in the monuments and memorials as you get closer to Capitol Hill.


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  • Arlington I
  • Arlington II
  • Arlington III
  • Ask Not
  • Capitol Hill on the Mall
  • Changing of the guard I
  • Changing of the Guard II
  • Changing of the Guard III
  • Kennedy Memorial Flame
  • Korea memorial
  • US Flags DC Monument
  • White House
  • WWII monument