Matthew Thomas Ryan – Naming in the Bush at Londolozi

On a sand bank, no ordinary sand bank, but one in the middle of the Sands River at Londolozi in the Sabi Sands.

There could not, would not, and cannot have have been a more perfect place celebrate David’s belated birthday, and to get around to naming Matthew as our god-son (Bronwyn Varty Laburn, Richard Laburn “Roo Roo”, Nick Leese and Richard Keyser “K”), or to simply¬†pass the time with a pick-nick and some bubbles, not that we usually need excuses…!¬† You truly would be very hard placed to find a spot that could even come close to being as special as this!

I’m not sure who enjoyed it the most, Matthew splashing about in the warm shallow waters of the Sands River, or the “grown-ups” lapping up the atmosphere in absolute awe of beauty of nature at her best, and and whilst alongside a herd of elephants calmly grazing away on the luscious greens lining the river bank!

We certainly owe a huge special thank you to the Varty’s and to the Londolozi family for arranging such a precious weekend. ¬†The memories are up there with the best x

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